Reminiscing through Red Velvet Cake

“It’s just impossible! The color is off, the flavor too sweet, the cake just isn’t right!!” My aunt nervously chants these phrases every holiday that calls for dessert, which logically think should be anytime the family is all together. Auntie Kara has been trying for almost a decade to get my mother’s famous red velvet […]

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Where does our food actually come from? Do we know where the romaine lettuce in our salad came from? Who tossed it together and put it on the plate? Do we want to know? These questions deserve answers, yet so many places and people don’t want to comment. Jason Sidle, director of operations at Coltivare, […]

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Red, White, and Fried Chicken

Fried chicken: It’s what pops into your mind when you think of standard American plate of food. It positioned in our minds right next to a football and pair of blue jeans as a cultural icon. It’s as embedded into our society as red, white, and blue are stitched into the flag. And most importantly, […]

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My Life in Food

Three years ago, if I saw the class “Food Writing” on Homer Connect, I would have said “That’s cool” and kept scrolling. I wish I had a passion-filled lifelong saga about my interest with food, but the truth is I don’t. My passion for food and reason for cultivating an entire career around it came […]

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It’s been seven long months since I’ve been in Ithaca, and with nearly four weeks until I’m back, I can almost taste all the delicious food I’ve been missing. Notoriously mentioned on every campus tour, Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than New York City. I’ve never counted to confirm, but I’m sure I’ve gotten […]

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The Other Side of the Stove

A year ago, the best thing I could make was a box of pasta covered up with a lot of cheese. I was never one to be a picky eater, and eating was a favored pastime of mine. Cooking on the other hand, was not a skill I planned on perfecting. When I was offered […]

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